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Top 10 Most Stolen Vehicles in Hawaii

Car theft is a big problem for car owners across the country. Every year, thousands of vehicles are stolen from owner’s garages, parking lots, or places of business. Also, many cars are taken while people are on vacation or away from their vehicle. It is important that drivers remain vigilant to their surrounding and take […]

Top 10 Food Tourism Destinations in Hawaii

While most tourism only involves a couple of aspects of a destination, such as its entertainment or natural beauty, food tourism tells the story of a destination’s people, culture, and history. To experience food tourism is to experience nearly all that a certain location has to offer. By tasting the different foods of a region […]

Hawaii’s Top 10 Family Attractions

In 1959, Hawaii became the 50th state. However, the history of the Aloha State dates back much further beginning when the Polynesians first came to the state about 1500 years before its statehood began. They traveled over 2000 miles in canoes guided by the stars to find the new islands. About 500 years after the […]

Top 5 Crossfit Gyms in Hawaii

CrossFit is a fairly new concept to working out. These group classes are high-intensity and focus on the theory that more intense exercise over a shorter period of time is more effective than other methods. In fact, CrossFit is morphing into its own culture with specific diets and high energy team atmospheres. Many former professional […]

The 5 Best Bicycle Routes in Hawaii

Bicycling is a great activity to keep in shape while enjoying the view. You can get up close with the real world in the open air and stay fit at the same time. Thousands of people enjoy cycling each year and getting the benefits of being outside in the air while getting fit. Enter your […]

The 5 Best Motorcycle Roads in Hawaii

Over 1.5 billion miles are covered by motorcycles every year. One cannot drive a day on the American roads without usually seeing at least one motorcycle. These bikes have become ingrained into the American culture but what makes riding them so attractive? Motorcycles make you look cool – Although some may not want to admit it, […]

5 Most Dangerous Roads in Hawaii

There are different conditions and situations that make a road dangerous. Being aware of what can make a Hawaiian road dangerous can help you navigate a safer drive while in this state. Enter your zip code above to find car insurance rates that work for you! Here are some things to be aware of when […]

Is Hawaii a no-fault car insurance state?

If you have no-fault auto insurance, this term loosely means that you can recover your losses from your own insurance carrier no matter who was at fault for your damages. In terms of state law, no-fault means that you have the right to payment of first-party benefits and you have a restricted right to sue, […]

5 Cities with the Best Restaurants in Hawaii

We all think of Hawaii as a tropical oasis. This much is certainly true. However, there is much more to our 50th state. In its more recent history, the volcanic islands of Hawaii were annexed by the United States in 1900. Its population then saw rapid growth which led to economic growth with the establishment […]

10 Road Trip Ideas for Hawaii

Although its statehood didn’t begin until 1959, the Aloha State has a long and interesting history. Hawaii is a state like no other. Its ancient Polynesian history has left behind many artifacts such as temples. Its geographical history, rich with earthquakes, tsunamis and erupting volcanoes, has made this a state of varying landscapes, flora, and […]

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